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Laundry Soaps - Small: Magnolia

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Did you know that when using standard laundry detergents, each piece of finished laundry will still contain toxic residues from the detergent? The lingering detergent residue remains in the fabric which then rubs off on your skin that can irritate & cause skin rashes. With our custom formulated detergent-free laundry soap your clothes will get a deep clean, that’ll smell amazing without any irritation to your skin. How to Use: Simply drop 2 tablespoons in your laundry load and let Magnolia Laundry Soap do its deep cleaning! Why People Love It: - There aren't ANY harmful detergents or fillers. - You don’t need to use any dryer sheets - No need for bleach or scent boosters - Deep cleaning yet gentle enough for kids and adults! - Customizable with your favorite scent