Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Miss Muldrew's. We are Michael and Dede Quarry. Our business started in 2010 after I fell in love with custom frames that I wanted for our sons baby portraits. Like all wives do, I went home and asked Michael if he could make some similar for me. He got busy, built them and I posted them on Facebook to brag on my hubby. Within minutes I had multiple requests for him to make my friends some. That is when our business was born. It has grown so much since then. It is truly a family business. When you come into shop, our boys may be "working" with us. 

The most common question at Miss Muldrew's is how did we get the name?

My Dad grew up in a small town and back then the ladies would "go to town" regularly. One of the ladies would walk by his house on her way, wearing her hat and heels. Her name was Miss Muldrew.

As a kid I would play dress up in my Mom's clothes. One day I was wearing a big floppy hat and heels. My Dad said that I reminded him of Miss Muldrew going to town to go shopping. He called me Miss Muldrew until he passed away. I always told him that I would have a shop one day and that would be the name.